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ACES: Algebraic Concepts for Elementary Students


ACES has constructed and continues to deepen and broaden a coalition of partners who support one another in enhancing mathematics learning in grades 4-8, with the ultimate goal of having students succeed in algebra, and be well-prepared for advanced mathematics classes. To do so we help teachers develop effective mathematics teaching that is mathematically accurate, engaging, focused on student learning; and balanced with regard to conceptual understanding, procedural skills, and problem solving. The partners include teacher-teams, district administrators, county specialists, education faculty, natural science faculty, and the project evaluator.

ACES View of Effective Mathematics Teaching
Effective math teaching ...
*focuses on student learning
*is based on the CCSS Standards for Mathematical Practice
*is mathematically accurate
*entices students to solve problems and think conceptually

Lesson study is a cornerstone of the ACES project. Lesson study provides a vehicle to internalize the theoretical learning, synthesize various components of study, and implement new instructional approaches with structured support.

Theory of Action:
*Authentic partnership
*Content knowledge and mathematical knowledge for teaching
*Culturally and linguistically responsive
*Reflective practitioner
*Collaborative inquiry in professional learning communities, support multiple teacher roles: learner of mathematics; learner of student learning; teacher; leader; collaborator; community member
*Synthesis and support for implementation
*Assessment and evidence based
*Teacher leaders who share ACES vision